New home construction involves variables different than traditional home buying. Though location is still a top priority, there are other critical factors. You want to consider hiring a real estate specialist in new construction, who can educate clients on what they need to know about building and designing a new home from the ground up.

  • Estimated Building Costs: The advertised price comes with a standard template.  You will want more, but upgrades come with a price.  Keep your budget in check by deciding what you can and can’t live without.
  •  Builder’s Experience & Reputation: Not all builders are the same.  You’d want to research which who has a long term reputation, is within your budget, and has design options that you love.  There should be designs, lot locations, and upgrades clearly defined for you.
  •  Building Codes & Regulations: New construction is loaded with codes and regulations. In Minnesota, energy conservation is critical to the longer-term sustainability and affordability of your home.  Ask your builder for a list of features, and specifically which materials affect energy.  That would be roof, windows, insulation, air exchanger, wrapping, furnace, lighting, and even appliances. This isn’t grandma’s house, it is built very differently.  New energy conserving materials affect efficiency, and affordability over the life of the home.
  •  Timelines: How long it will take to build your new home depends on what time of year the builder can excavate the basement, and how long it takes to complete your home.   Some builders take 90 days,120 days, or even 180 days. Besides weather or scheduling contractors, the biggest challenge to completing on time are the home buyers requesting changes after the fact.  It is costly and time consuming.  Make sure that you’ve thoroughly thought through your selections before committing to them.  You’ll have several opportunities to walk through the home during construction, and the last thing you want to happen is a delay due to you being undecided.

Give me a jingle, so we can have a conversation about what you are thinking, and how to get you where you want to go.