We hear the refrain gazillions of times every New Year until it is wallpaper. “Start the year with a clean slate.”  “A New Year, a New You.”  “Who do you want to be this year?”

Really, I want to be Warren Buffett but somebody already took that DNA. Do we all wake up as a different person on January 1 of any given year? Do we really want to be someone else? Or, do we wake up to ourselves, with hopes and dreams that the New Year will transform us?

We’re all encouraged to write up our goals, vision boards, and daily accountability trackers. A steaming dark roast cup of Joe, and we’re fist pumping what we’re going to do. Booya!!!  Yet, in a couple weeks, maybe hours, we’ve given up. So, what is going on with us? 

Humans are creatures of comfort and survival. We do what we have to do to survive, and grip the comfort zone. Choose a hot cheese oozing pizza or an hour of flat out sweating it out at the gym?  80% of gym memberships are never used. They’re jam packed in January, and an empty echo by April.

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and we’ve all done it. We buy something and expect that the thing is going to do the work for us. That’s work out equipment, diet books, webinars, Athleta $108 Stealth Tech tights that are now on sale. We are sold inspiration in the things that we buy, and are let down when magic doesn’t happen. Though it isn’t written on the label, most cosmetic companies are clear that they are selling us hope in a bottle.

Instead of goals, this year I’m making commitments. Goals are a big finale. They are an end, and a celebration of all the work, the risks, the late nights that it took us to get there. There is immense satisfaction in completing a goal. If we don’t complete the goal we are disappointed with ourselves, we didn’t measure up. If we complete the goal, there is a ‘now what?”

The reason I’m making commitments instead of goals is that commitments are promises to yourself to do a thing consistently. Every month, every week, every day we do what we commit to doing what makes a difference. A goal is a noun that reaches out. A commitment is an action, a verb coming from the inside that cuts through the clutter to focus on one thing.

My commitments are to myself. At the end of the day no one else matters. It’s my life, my story, and only I can write it. If there isn’t an authentic voice behind it, it’s a hollow wish.


My commitments for 2018 are:

  • To blog twice a week, always be authentic, and follow my own path in creating content. As Joan Rivers said, “My success was in saying what everyone else was thinking.” She also said, “If God wanted women to cook, he would have given us aluminum hands.” I have a marketing calendar to log dates, titles, and results. It works, as long as I do.
  • To see the world through my clients eyes. Their success is my success, make it as easy, educational and supportive as possible. I promise not to speak ‘Realtor Speak,’ keep conversation in plain English. Follow up on their anniversaries every year. Have detailed check lists, tracking the process and stay in touch.
  • To say No when I know it isn’t right, and not be cajoled into a yes because it is the polite response. Saying yes to a person, project, or favor that distracts from getting important things done is a waste of time and disappointment for all sides.
  • Never, ever be content and cosy in my comfort zone. It is intellectual suicide to agree with yourself all the time. Steve Pressfield wrote in ‘Do the Work,’ “The enemy is our chattering brain, which, if we give it so much as a nanosecond, it will start producing excuses, alibies, transparent self-justifications, and a million reasons why we can’t/shouldn’t/won’t do what we know we need to do.”

Each year brings with it new opportunities and challenges. 2018 started with a brilliant supper moon dangling in the sky like a huge Christmas ornament as a gift from the universe to inspire us throughout the year. I’m making three banners so when I open one eye, crawl out of bed on a dark subzero morning, the first thing I see are my commitments. “Do the work.” “Walk in their shoes.”  “No means no.” Anyone join me?


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