Over the years, I’ve made some blunders and eventually learned that a closed mouth gathers no foot. Instead, think like a cop. If you watch with two eyes, listen with 2 ears, and speak with only one mouth you will make some amazing discoveries. Here’s a few nuggets that I found that don’t work:

  1. Argue with the parents of a first-time buyer. You’ve already lost. You might know more than they do, but the buyer loves them.
  2. Hang onto a client you can’t stand. It sucks the life out of you, and it’s worse for them.
  3. Stick to your opinion when no one else does. Need I say more?
  4. Share horror stories about other clients to new clients, or post it on social media. Social media is like the NSA, they will find out and hate you for it.
  5. Take casual dressing to a new low. Shorts, flip flops, and Tee shirts are for cleaning the garage. There’s a reason you never see a lawyer in their underwear.
  6. Think that your clients are really your friends. It’s like dating, everyone moves on.
  7. Equate busy with productive. We are all good at spinning wheels, but we’re not all Henry Ford. Get real work done.
  8. Record video while driving. That is spelled C R A S H!!!
  9. Look for someone else to blame. It’s all in the mirror.
  10. Wait for something to happen. It doesn’t unless you do.
  11. Complain about the market, other agents, politics, Millenials, the weather. Ho hum. The sound of silence.
  12. Launch a monologue about your success, your accolades, and how great both you and your company are. They’ve heard the same commercial on late night TV. 

You can call me and we'll talk about it, or, I'll just listen.