Take a First Time Home Buyer Quiz to see if you’re ready to be a HOMEOWNER. 


  1. Do you have a job, or some form steady income?
  2. Does your shower turn icy when your neighbor turns on the water?
  3. Did you find your neighbor’s underwear in your laundry basket?
  4. Is your car buried by snow, or towed for parking in a snow emergency area?
  5. Is the renter upstairs a flamenco dancer, drummer, or have 3 kids on a trampoline?
  6. Do you have to dig for clothes to go to work because you have tiny teeny closet space?
  7. Are you shocked by an outrageous rent hike?
  8. You have more than $100 in your checking account?
  9. Does your neighbor complain about your dog snoring?
  10. Tell me that the government isn’t sending threatening notices about your student loan.


If you answered more than three with a yes, you are probably a good candidate for your own home. One with a real kitchen instead of a 20” stove, where you have closet space, where you can be yourself, and both you and the dog can snore to your heart’s delight.

A Yes to question #1, and #8 is important, we can deal with the rest. Especially if you are paying over $1200 in rent, and have a credit score over 620, you are ready to groove and move. 


What you probably don’t know is that you can qualify for a home with a 3% of the price down payment.  AND, it’s ok for mom and dad, even grandma, to help you out with that.